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28th Jan, 2020

I regret spending $1000 on Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading, run by Ross Cameron is a total scam. Those guys are selling useless information at high prices and are filling their filthy pockets through their vicious schemes. Their courses don’t have anything useful. The information is outdated and it’s obvious that they don’t update it. I had bought their Warrior Starter Trading System a couple of months ago, and I still haven’t learnt anything worthwhile from it. I’ll discuss each component of their starter pack here so you don’t have any confusion about them. 

First, let me discuss the curriculum of the course. It’s pathetic. He is simply giving you definition of everything in his 15 or so lessons. The course doesn’t have any much value and the videos are quite short. After every video lesson, you’d have to look up the term he mentioned to really understand what it means. Do you know what this really means? It means the course DOESN’T HAVE ANY INFORMATION that you can’t find online. I WASTED MY TIME  watching those boring videos and learnt nothing from them. 

The starter bundle also gives you access to their market simulator. As it turns out, the simulator never works. I’ve tried accessing it multiple times but it never loads properly. I thought my device wasn’t able to do so but that’s not the case. Either they have kept the simulator too advanced for the users or they haven’t spent any money to program it well. In either case, they haven’t improved it since I bought the course. 

They also claim to give you a subscription to the chat room, which I think was the main highlight. Teh chat room has many members but it’s mostly filled with people who don’t know anything about trading. You’d end up more confused after going there. And while the chat room might seem like a great thing for a beginner, you should also keep in mind that the entire package costs $1000!

Over and above, those guys don’t listen to your complaints. I’ve tried reaching them multiple times but they never respond. They totally shut me off. When I got frustrated with them, I tried to look for other people who might’ve faced similar experiences. I found that Warrior Trading is quite a big sham. Ross is a dangerous scammer who has been stealing people’s money for years. I’ve just recently learned that they are a scam and I’m quite depressed about it. A thousand dollars might not be a big sum for some people but it was a lot for me. I’m just a college grad and I thought Warrior Trading would help me in my career.