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Christopher Long
23rd Jan, 2020

Overnight Millionaire is a SCAM!!!

I bought the Overnight Millionaire program from the official website after I saw an ad on FB, where this buff as heck guy was yelling about how miserable my life is if I don't earn $10,000 per month doing pretty much nothing. I'm not kidding lol he literally said, "You are a loser if you are not making $10,000 doing nothing" He was quite entertaining, to be honest, and I decided to donate the 37 bucks he desperately needed. Cause man, you have to be really needing money if you have to make a joke of yourself on the internet for $37. So I bought the program and it was nothing like I expected it to be. In the ad, he was showing all these fancy cars and stuff like this other guy Tai Lopez, but his program, to be more specific "The Overnight Millionaire" program was really weird. It didn't have any helpful videos. The whole program is just corny and cringy as heck. I couldn't help but laugh during those so-called "meditation sessions". Apparently, those meditation sessions are supposed to give you a "millionaire mindset" LMAO! Trust me, listening to a $hitty audio of a random guy from the internet is not going to help you become a millionaire in any way. You just have to spend less than you earn and you'll see you are better off than you were before. I'm not a millionaire but I do financially well as a software consultant at a reputed tech giant.

The Overnig ht Millionaire program is a useless product and I will advise everyone to actually avoid it.

The biggest concern I have is that people will believe that the "mindset" that this Wesley guy is talking about is the actual "millionaire mindset", while in reality you just need a ton of money. Most of these millionaires did not have poor parents man,  just know that. Even these self-made guys in the industry had rich parents. Rich parents help you a lot. I did not have that luxury and honestly, I'm not a millionaire. I didn't even try to get a refund for the [email protected] program, by the way, I know how these scams work. They take your money and when you ask for a refund because you saw their flashy "30-day money-back guarantee", they start ghosting you.

Anyways, I did get interested in this energetic Wesley Virgin guy, so I researched a little. And this guy has done so much scammy stuff that you won't even believe half of it, but trust me, he has made these claims. Here are some I remember: 

1) He was a Navy SEAL 

2) He has a computer engineering degree 

3) He was fired from a tech giant company for some reason 

4) He is a single dad of 2 or 3. 

LMAO! I could not believe that he made all these claims but he has. Crazy isn't it? There's more. According to this Wesley Virgin review, he actually paid up popular bloggers to write fake reviews for his Overnight Millionaire program. This is not the only place I read this, he has actually been exposed by several people from the internet. Reading about all the nasty things this guy has done to "make it" in the self-help guru industry demands a slow-sarcastic applause. But Wesley, my guy, stop scamming people, it is not good! What do you think will happen? Do you expect to become the next Tai Lopez or the next Gary Vee? Whatever you wanna become, there are better ways to do it. Stop stealing people's money, stop putting fake reviews online to fool your own fans, stop trying to hide the truth, face it like a man! I don't even know if he'll read this, but if he does I wanted to give him some tips. For you, all I have one advice, read the reviews online but pay close attention to the critical ones cause they might tell you something that's more important than the sponsored 5 starred post. This concludes my Overnight Millionaire review, basically, this product is garbage and I won't advise anyone to buy it. Getting it will be counter-productive, this program has some extremely wrong teachings!

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