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31st Jan, 2020

Whelan Financial Has the WORST Customer Support

I thought Whelan Financial would have an amazing customer support staff but I was wrong. After I hired those people for their wealth management services, I thought I had hired someone exceptional. In the beginning they were very professional. They responded quickly, answered all my questions in detail, and made it seem like they were reliable. 

But it all was just a cover-up. 

In reality, the people at this company don’t know anything about wealth management. All they really know about is charging commissions. They took around 20% of my total funds in the form of commissions. Moreover, they didn’t invest my money too.

They were supposed to advise me on where I should invest my money. But they never got around to it. The first thing they did was deduct $25,000 from my total savings. I was surprised to hear about such a deduction. They hadn’t told me that they would charge so much. 

Whenever I wanted to schedule a meeting with those people, I’d get to hear the same excuse again and again. They would tell me that they are busy or that the representative isn’t available at the moment. 

If I tried to get an appointment with them, they’d cancel it without even telling me. I’ve wasted a lot of my time going to their office only to return empty-handed. 

To be honest, I got tired of this shady behaviour. I also realized that they weren’t really providing me any services. They were supposed to invest my money in some profit-yielding thing. But they hadn’t done that. They could’ve at least met with me to discuss my investments, which was the whole point of hiring them for wealth management, but they never got around to it as well.

After a month of this irritating behaviour, I thought I should complain about this. So I contacted them again, but this time I told them that I would leave their services if they keep this up. Instead of apologizing to me for such shady behaviour, they just told me that they would no longer work with me. 

I was surprised to hear such a response from them. I asked the representative if he really knew what he was saying. And he just repeated the same thing he had said before. 

They had already gotten what they wanted, which is my $25,000 savings. They don’t provide you with any financial services. They just take your money and sit idle. 

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