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28th Jan, 2020

Whiteside Machine Company Has Terrible Support Staff! Not Recommended.

I had bought a few routing grooves from Whiteside Machine Company. But those grooves didn’t last a month. They broke. I contacted this company and asked them to replace these as they surely weren’t of the quality they had advertised them to be of. But to my surprise, they didn’t even apologize. They told me that they can’t do anything about it and then hung up the call. I called them again and told them that I have the receipt of my purchase and I demand a replacement or a refund. THey just told me that it’s not in their policy to do so. I asked the representative to connect me with his supervisor. He relented at first but then transferred the call. 

The supervisor of the representative was way more rude than him. I told him all about my situation and that I needed a replacement for those routing grooves. He outright told me no and said, “We can’t help you sir and I guess we’ve told you that a thousand times at least. So stop bugging us and let me do my job.” I didn’t expect a customer support supervisor to talk in this manner with a customer. All I wanted was a replacement for a product I had paid a huge price for. I didn’t know they would act so rude and harsh.

I looked up their reviews and I found that Whiteside Machine Company is notorious for this thing. They have several negative reviews related to this issue. 

Apparently, they used to advertise their products as ‘Made in USA’ which is a lie. They don’t manufacture their products here. I used to think they are an honest enterprise, which they clearly aren’t. 

I stopped contacting them after that horrible ordeal. I realized there’s nothing I can do. 

The fact that these people were lying to their consumers for years about their products and that they don’t even have the decency to talk to a customer properly, show me that it is a corrupt business. Whiteside Machine Company is a scam and you shouldn’t do business with them. 

They didn’t even apologize for selling me a trashy product. They just told me that I was wasting their time. The rude tone of those guys was really hurtful. I don’t think they should be allowed to operate. They have already been warned for falsely advertising thier products by the FTC.

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