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1st Feb, 2020

Zubin is a Corrupt Businessman

It might not seem like a surprise, but Zubin Karkaria, the founder of VFS Global is a corrupt businessman, who focuses on driving other companies out of business. I used to run a small travel agency one of the services I provided to my clients was visa facilitation. I was based in Nigeria. 

For a while, everything was going great until we started expanding. You see, if you’re an honest businessman who serves his customers, you’ll be able to grow your business. But some people got jealous of our success. Although my company was small, I realized that we were driving away competition. Then came Zubin’s company in the mix, VFS Global. We bid on the tender for handling visa services for the foreign affairs but our bid wasn’t accepted. When I contacted some officials and asked them why our bid wasn’t acknowledged, I was told that the tender was cancelled for the time being. 

A few weeks later, I got to hear that VFS Global has got the tender I had applied for. I won’t name anyone here because I live in the same country as they do. But after that instance, my company hasn’t been able to grow. Our online rankings dropped for no reason and the only service provider for visa services is now VFS Global. 

The situation is very dire and tense. Zubin is running a corrupt company and it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if he is a corrupt businessman too. I don’t know about international meda but here in Nigeria and neighbouring countries, he is very notorious for his corrupt practices.

I believe Zubin should apologize publicly for his misdeeds. People have a right to hear that apology. I’m not the only person who has been affected by the corruption of Zubin and his enterprise. Many companies like mine have either shrunk or shut down because of the rapid expansion of Zubin’s corrupt practices. 

The situation is so bad that his company is now charging double the usual prices. It’s getting out of hand. There are various news articles on this situation. You can look up VFS Global controversies and see the picture yourself. Not only is he hurting local businesses but he is also stealing from his customers. 

Either Zubin should be thrown in jail or he should apologize publicly for his crimes. There’s no excuse for it. 

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